Menlo Micro Releases to Production the 64 Gbps Fully Integrated Loopback Solution for High-Speed Data Connectivity

MM5620-Announce-April-2023   Today, Menlo Micro, the inventors of the Ideal Switch®, released to production a new dual double-pole/triple-throw (2x DP3T) switch. The MM5620 switch provides the highest performance and data rates for high-speed differential data applications. It offers unprecedented levels of parallel testing on space-constrained final and probe tests for mobile phones, graphics, network processors, as well as microprocessors and high-speed memory products.  Based on Menlo Micro’s industry-leading 32 Gbps MM5600 double-pole/double-throw (DPDT) switch currently in production, the MM5620 2x DP3T switch offers next-generation, high-speed operation from DC to 20 GHz with unprecedented data rates and RF signal linearity, delivering up to 64 Gbps (64 GT/s) of high-quality data signal integrity. The MM5620 switch’s system-in-package (SiP) solution fully integrates the switch driver and charge pump, along with loopback capacitors, offering significant board footprint reduction for high-volume production test solutions.     MM5620-Block-Diagram Product Highlights: Integrated Loopback: Complete, end-to-end TX to RX differential loopback solution, including integrated decoupling capacitors, while also providing multiple high-speed connections back to the user test equipment. Compact design: Small-footprint and low-profile 8.2 mm x 8.2 mm x 1.6mm LGA package provides a 90 percent reduction in size over conventional electromagnetic relay (EMR) solutions. This significant volume reduction enables more test sites and easier top and/or bottom routing. 1000x faster switching: Ultra-fast switching speed (< 30 µs operation time and < 10 µs release time) is 1000x faster than EMRs, enabling reduced test time and cost-of-test. 1000x more reliable: Unmatched reliability and can operate with more than three billion switching cycles, resulting in reduced downtime, maintenance, and cost and a 1000x longer lifetime compared to conventional EMRs. Power efficient: Operates at less than 9 mW, a significant reduction in power consumption compared to EMRs or other relays, making it the highest efficiency high-speed DP3T switching solutions available in the market.  
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